To Apply for a Slip Rental

Step 1
Applicant initially submits the following documentation:

  • A fully completed Slipholder Application Form.
  • A minimum of three (3) current exterior pictures of the vessel.
  • A Reservation Deposit good for 30 days (see acceptable payment methods listed under “Additional Notes” below.) equal to one month’s slip rental. Note: This Reservation Deposit is returned in full to the applicant if application is not approved.  Upon approval It is subsequently transferred to the License Agreement as a Security Deposit. If the approved applicant does not fully execute and return a License Agreement within 30 days of the date of the Reservation Deposit, the Reservation Deposit is forfeited and the reservation is canceled.

Step 2: (Once the above application is approved):
Once the application is approved a License Agreement is forwarded to the applicant who executes and returns it to the marina along with the following documentation.  (Note: This documentation must be provided at (or before) the time the vessel is actually brought into the marina):

  • A copy of an insurance Declaration Page showing current liability insurance coverage on the vessel. All vessels require a minimum of $500,000 (per occurrence) Combined Single Limit liability coverage. (Note: Split Limit liability coverage is not acceptable.)  Also, Alyssa Tantallon L.L.C. must be named as an additional insured under the vessel’s insurance policy.
  • A copy of the vessel’s current State Title and/or Federal (USCG) Certificate of Documentation (COD.) Important: Any and all persons shown on the Title and/or COD must also be named in (and sign) the License Agreement.  All documentation must be current and valid (not expired) at time of submission.
  • A copy of a valid driver’s license (or other form of picture ID) for all owners/occupants of the vessel.

Additional Notes:

  • Payments may be made by check or money order (in person or mailed USPS), credit card (in person or over the phone) or cash (in person.)
  • No vessel will be allowed entry into the marina unless each of the above items is on file.
  • All vessels must come into the marina under their own power.

Amended 7/2/22

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