Tantallon Marina    
on the Upper Potomac

                                                                                 Relax at sunset

                                   Calm, sheldered waters

Wet Slip Rates (4/1/14):
  • Annual contract: $9.25/ft/month
  • Semi-annual contract: $9.60/ft/month
  • Month-to-month: $11.25/ft/month
  • Transient: $1.75/ft/day (Includes electricity and water service)
  • Live-aboard Fee: $150/month
  • Electric Service: Calculated at KWH used @current utility rate plus a $5.00 monthly service fee
  • Water Surcharge: Per rate schedule  


Pay annual slip fee in advance and receive one month free!
Pay semi-annual slip fee in advance and receive one-half  month free!

Land Storage:

(must also have a paid seasonal [semi-annual] wet slip)

  • Boats 20' and under: $160/month
  • 21' to 25': $170/month
  • 26' to 30': $190.00/month
  • Over 30': $190/month plus $2.00/ft for each additional foot over 30'.

                                      Winter Wonderland              
                                     Christmas at Tantallon